2-P-2) Teach English As A Foreign Language ( TEFL) - Cambridge Diploma

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25 Aug 2014



Teach English As A Foreign Language ( TEFL)  - Cambridge Diploma

What does (TEFL ) certification mean?

   Anything that you study about TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) that gives you a certificate at the end can be defined as TEFL certification. In practice, though, TEFL certification or TEFL certificate usually means a standard initial qualification that includes at least 100 hours of instruction and at least six hours of observed and graded teaching practice.

TEFL Qualicications


For people with no teaching qualifications and little or no teaching experience, Cambridge TEFL course is often used as a synonym for (TEFL certificate)


This expression is also used in many ways, but if an employer asks for a TEFL certificate they usually mean a certificate given at the end of a course with at least 100 to 120 hours of instruction and at least six to eight hours of observed teaching practice, such as the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) or Trinity CertTESOL (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).


Such courses are most commonly taken intensively over four weeks, but part-time courses are available


What is TEFL?

 Knowledge of the English language and the ability to speak it fluently have both become valuable commodities.

As the demand for English language skills increases, so too does the demand for teachers.

The standard, international qualification required for this position is either a TEFL or TESOL certificate. With this certification you are able to take advantage of your English skills and use them to find meaningful and exciting employment around the world.

TEFL International certification courses provide you with all the training and every skill needed to find a great teaching position nearly anywhere on the planet.


Teach English As A Foreign Language ( TEFL)

Cambridge Diploma

CCL   TEFL  cuts through the fluff and filler  and gets you to the heart of TEFL teaching faster than any other course.

How to do a Demonstration Lesson?  It's here ..... Grammar?  Learning Theory?  Board work? Group and Pair Work? All here.
Will you know what to do first day on the job?  You bet!

 Entry Requirement:

Student Must be at least intermediate level and above

Web based program.

Course Syllabus ( 20 areas)

1.  How to Get Started

2. Lesson Planning

3. How to do a Demo Lesson

4. Pronunciation

5. Teaching Reading

6. Teaching Listening

7. Teaching English ESP

8. Error Correction

9. Gestures and Cueing

10. Games and Activities

 11. TEFL Teaching Methods

12. Boardwork

13. Grammar

14. Edutainment

15. Teaching Writing

16. Teaching Business English

17. Discipline

18. Student Motivation

19. EFL Resources

20. Finding a Job


Level of English Language must be at least intermediate level and above at the start of the session otherwise the student may attend in a normal English Language course up to the required level


Test Your English Level Now




By the end of the CCL TEFL course, participants can expect to have the following skills and competencies:



•A fundamental understanding of how we learn foreign languages, how the core aspects of language learning fit together and how this learning process can be facilitated effectively by a teacher.



•A foundation in language teaching practice that will enable them to foster in their learners the development of skills, the learning of structure and lexis and the ability to communicate effectively in English.



•Sufficient awareness of the structural, lexical, phonological and discursive features of English as a foreign language to be able to inform language learners about these features.



•The critical and creative thinking skills to evaluate learners’ needs effectively, plan a programme of study and the individual lessons within that programme and formulate aims suitable for either individual tuition or group learning.



•The ability to deliver classroom lessons so as to facilitate achievement of learning aims among learners effectively.



•The ability to engage, interest and stimulate learners during lessons and to make them the centre of the learning process itself.



•The necessary skills to enable them to become reflective practitioners, able to self-evaluate, self-appraise and develop professionally as teachers.



•The ability to find, adapt and create materials to use when teaching as well as the knowledge of different teaching resources and how these can be used effectively to facilitate learning.



•A resource bank of practical teaching techniques, strategies and activity types, that will assist them in their role as a teacher of English in the future.



•An awareness of their future role as teaching professionals operating as part of a team within a language learning institution.



•A realistic understanding of their own future learning needs as newly-qualified teachers, how these can be met and how they can best pursue their continuing professional development autonomously.



•The ability to actively seek employment as a qualified teacher of English, aware of both their own needs and competencies as a newly-qualified teacher and how to access employment opportunities through written and online media.







 •The cost for this course is £ 190. ( For the online course materials with online help , The online exam , The certificate ).



•You must pay the full fees of this course and you will have a full access to this course.



•If succeeded , student will be able to get his Cambridge TEFL Diploma  from CCL (UK) .



•The maximum duration of the course is three months 120 hours ONLINE STUDY (eLearning) with online Technical support.




For other learning options CCL provide the following learning options:



•Instructor Lead Learning [ILL] ◦Delegates are required to attend a location where an instructor delivers the training (Available through CCL Affiliates).



•eLearning (Online ) [EL] ◦Delegate can purchase a training activity online, access and complete the course online.





•Distance Learning [DL] ◦Delegate can book the product online. With distance learning CCL will send learning materials to the delegate for completion on receipt of full payment.










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By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate CCL Diploma

Learning Credits

Contact Hours
How to Get Started
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TEFL Teaching Methods
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Lesson Planning
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Boardwork for the EFL and ESL Classroom
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How to do a Demo Lesson
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Teaching Reading
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Teaching Writing
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Teaching Listening
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Teaching Business English
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Teaching English ESP
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Error Correction
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Gestures and Cueing
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Student Motivation
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Games and Activities
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EFL Resources / Videos and Audio
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Finding a Job
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Final Exam Request
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