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24 Jan 2014



This is a demo course to check how the online course work.

It shows demo  part from IPMA online course and applicable to all other courses .
All courses consist of:

·     Downloadable Participant Manual.

Detailed participant manual that is designed to stimulate participant learning and act as a reference point for their future learning. (Can be downloaded in pdf format from the course content).

·     Course Slides
Slides can be opened in internet explorer.

·     Course Exercises and Assignments
Each course comes with carefully created exercises and assignments that encourage participants to apply their learning to their own organizations.

·     Training Ice Breakers
21 icebreakers ready-to-use in any session.

·     Training Games
21 training games ready-to-use in any  session.

·     Further Reading
Provide participants with a summary of additional materials on the subject .

·     Course Test
A Pre-Course test will help to evaluate the participants prior to the training and collect important information on participants needs and their current understanding of the course topic.

·     Final Exam

The online final exam will evaluate participants learning at the end of the training.


1- To enable prospective students to examine our course.
2- To let them decide whether to enrol for a course or not.

Fees & Duration

The cost of courses is vary. Fees include the online course materials with online help , The online exam and the certificate .
•You must pay the full fees of the course and you will have a full access to the course.
•If succeeded , student will be able to get his Cambridge Certificate/ Diploma  from CCL (UK) .
•The maximum duration of all courses is three months 120 hours ONLINE STUDY (eLearning) with online support.

Please note : At the end of each course you can print you TEMPORARY certificate online and it will be valid for 2 calendar months.

An original final certificate will be issued and send to you via Mail Or Affiliate within less than 2 calendar months.

For other learning options CCL provide the following learning options:
•Instructor Lead Learning [ILL] ◦Delegates are required to attend a location where an instructor delivers the training (Available through CCL Affiliates).
•eLearning (Online ) [EL] ◦Delegate can purchase a training activity online, access and complete the course online.
•Distance Learning [DL] ◦Delegate can book the product online. With distance learning CCL will send learning materials to the delegate for completion on receipt of full payment.

  Registration Steps
1- Register in the course
2- Pay the fees ( See Payment Options)
3- Confirm your payment.
Live Support Online

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Course Demo
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Decision Making
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Waht are the content of the online courses ?
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Payment Options
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Terms and conditions for training courses

Important notice: Please read carefully before buying training courses or accessing or downloading any training materials from this website.

By clicking on the "purchase" button on your event page, you agree to these terms which will bind you and (if you are an employer) your employees. If you do not agree to these terms, we shall not sell Training Materials or Documentation to you and you must discontinue the purchasing process now.


CCL provide the following products:

•Instructor Lead Training [ILT] ◦Delegates are required to attend a location where an instructor delivers the training

•eLearning [Online training] ◦Delegate can purchase a training activity online, access and complete the course online

•Distance Learning ◦Delegate can book the product online

◦With distance learning CCL will send learning materials to the delegate for completion on receipt of full payment.


In booking an online course with us, you accept the following Terms of Booking:

1.A course is defined as a period of time on a single course type as described in our current brochure / store.

2.A booking can consist of either a single course or a combination of courses.

3.When you make a booking, you must pay the full fee for the course. This is NOT REFUNDABLE.

4.If you purchase another online course you must pay the full amount at the time of booking, less any repeat booking discount advertised.

5.If you purchase a CCL course delivered face to face or distance learning (not online) our standard Terms and Conditions or our concerned affiliate standard Terms and Conditions will apply.

6.It is not possible to cancel or postpone your course.

7.It is not possible to pause your course or take a holiday part way through your course.

8.It is your responsibility to check the level of English you need for the course you wish to take .(please see the relevant page on the website). If you are uncertain about your level, please complete our on-line test.

9.If your level of English is unsuitable for the course you have booked, we may allow you to do a course at another level, but this is at our discretion.

10.Your course will start on the day indicated in your registration email, regardless of when you first log in to the course.

11.If you have come to us through an affiliate, their Terms of Contract may apply to you, but we reserve the right to apply our own Terms.

12.If a situation arises that has not been covered by these Terms, we reserve the right to take any fair and reasonable action that we think appropriate.

- Where CCL The Training Provider email : learn@cambridge-cl.co.uk

Refund Policy


Upon enrolling in a course with CCL a student is entering a legal agreement under common law, in which they agree to abide by the conditions of enrolment (including meeting stated payments), in exchange for the service offered by CCL in the delivery of the course.

Please note, changes in your circumstances are not the responsibility CCL and neither can CCL be held liable for changes in your circumstances.

In CCL where a student wishes to cancel or change their enrolment, and as a measure of goodwill, CCL will allow the following options. A student may only take up one of these options once.

Within 14 days:

  • For a period of 14 days from enrolment, a refund will be given - less postage and printing cosst where applicable, plus an administration fee of 15% (minimum fee of £50.00) calculated on the total amount of tuition fees paid at the time of cancellation. The student must notify the CCL's administration department in writing and the letter be received within the 14 day period, either by fax, email, mail or delivered in person.
  • If you apply for a refund after 14 days our refund policy does not apply. However, you will have the option to change your course to another without incuring additional charges.
  • The onus is on the student to ensure and confirm that written notification of withdrawal is lodged. CCL will not be responsible for messages going astray.

Within 30 days:

For a period of 30 days following receipt of the material; a student may apply for special consideration; to swap their course for another course.

The application for special consideration must be made in writing (not by telephone), and be accompanied by a letter explaining why the student wants to change the enrolment.

  • These options only apply if the student has not yet submitted any assignments.
  • An administration fee of £50 will apply in these circumstances..

Other times:

At any time during enrolment and/or after the 3 month expiration period the student may apply to EXTEND their studies for a 2 or 3 month period. Additional fees will apply .

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